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Navagio Tee
Navagio Tee
Navagio Tee
Navagio Tee
Navagio Tee
Navagio Tee
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Navagio Tee

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    100% Recycled Fibers 

    Our clothes are designed in a circular way, using only recycled materials. The Navagio Tee is composed of 50% recycled cotton, sourced from textile industry waste, and 50% recycled polyester, collected from used plastic bottles.

    The Perfect Equilibrium 

    We opted for a 50% - 50% mix of recycled cotton and recycled polyester for one simple reason: it brings out both materials' advantages. The recycled cotton gives a soft touch, keeps you warm, while the polyester enables breathability and repels sweat. 


    Each product has a story that we believe is worth sharing. Here is the journey that this tee went through: 

    • Yarn: Our recycled yarn is first produced in the north of Alicante, Spain. 
    • Fabric knitting & manufacturing: Our fabric is then knitted and manufactured into the Shak & Kai Navagio tee in the district of Braga, in Portugal.

    Product details

    • 100% Recycled polyester label 
    • 180 gr/m2 Jersey
    • 50% Recycled Cotton - 50% Recycled Polyester Fabric

    What is behind the name Navagio

    The name comes from the Navagio beach, located on the island of Zakytnhos in the Peloponnese, which became legendary after a ship washed up on its fine sand in 1980. According to the legend, this ship was used by smugglers and was abandoned because of a chase that ended badly. Today, this wreck adds this small colorful detail to the beach of Navagio, the rusty wreck washed on the sand inspired us for the design of this item. 


    Alexia, our model, is 1m70 tall, weighs 60 kg, and is wearing a size M.